British populace gets lazy and stops voting; BNP related hilarity ensues.

It’s been a while since I took the time to piss all over the English language in a vulgar display of cantankerous hate, so I thought today, I’d take the time to grab my thoughts and feelings by the throat and vigorously slam them all over your much loved internet where they can act as a general offence to the visual senses.

First off, can everybody stop fucking acting like they give half a flying shit about the BNP getting a couple of council seats? Let’s face it, you fuck tards did this shit to yourself. You resigned to apathy and stopped voting because you took what you had for granted, then as soon as the government goes to shit (because you won’t vote) you winge and cry like a bunch of cretinous children who’ve just had their breakfast pancakes, which were sprinkled with love by mummy, shit all over.

If you refuse to vote you’ll get a shit government, and if you don’t vote, then you lose the right to complain, because you’re the one who caused this fucking situation and you’re a shit stain on the face of society.

Voting should be mother-fucking mandatory, literally, if you don’t vote, by law, a big burley mother fucker should come to your house and fuck your mum in the ass, with no porno dialogue, no “can I fix your plumbing,” he just comes in and fucks her, that would teach you apathetic cunts to stop ruining democracy.

Secondly, boo hoo bankers are slicing their businesses up and giving themselves bonuses, you know what? Why don’t you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up about it, no, they aren’t “banksters” or whatever the fuck silly little word the sun has plastered them with, they are business owners, when you own a sinking business you slice it up, sell it off, and make as much out of it before it’s collapse as you can, they own more shares than you, ergo they own more of the company than you, ergo they can do whatever the fuck they want, because their vote outweighs yours, now stop crying like a bitter little child just because you work on a fucking Plasticine assembly line with 30 other cretins.

Thirdly, “I lost my job a month ago and can’t get a new one,” I wonder why, perhaps this is because you worked on an assembly line for 30 years, and now won’t resign to the reality of the situation that you should do something new, because, guess what, BRITAIN’S MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY HAS BEEN DYING FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS, AND WE ARE A FUCKING NATION OF MIDDLE MEN. Get a job in a call centre or behind a till job behind a till. There are tons of places that are hiring, and those that aren’t are always having staff leaving that need replacing. Stop crying and get a new job you fuck. You’re not special and you’re not above any job, you’re as worthless as the economy you drove into the fucking ground with your apathy and tribal voting. Fuck yourself with a 50 ft rake and die.

Fourth, if you love Obama you’re probably the most hated of all racists, the accidental racist, i.e., a fucking idiot.

Finally, the BNPs recent success in polls has promted a wave of media bullshit claiming that BNP members getting seats will only serve to divide Britain in terms of race… What fucking magical cloud are you living in!? Britain IS racially divided. Here I’ll lay it the fuck out for you.

White people live beside white people,
Chinese people live beside Chinese people,
black people live beside black people,
Arabs live beside…can you guess? THAT’S FUCKING RIGHT, ARABS!

You getting the fucking picture yet Johnny twat face?

Jesus fucking Christ, this country is not a multicultural diverse wonderland of racial integration it’s that £3 jig saw puzzle you buy for your little sister at Christmas that has 100 pieces but only comes with 83 and when put together it makes a picture of a puddle of fucking dog sick.

For racial integration to work you need to break down ghettos and racial separation in terms of living areas, WHICH ISN’T HAPPENING, oh coincidentally, everyone who comes here hates us.

I know you love to believe that you’re Captain fucking diversity because you ignorantly bow to Asians when you first meet them and shout “omg that’s how you say hello isn’t it LOL!” in their faces and talk to black people about Chris Rock and the Wu-Tang Clan, but you’re not Captain Diversity, you’re just a dick and all your ethnic minority friends hate you because you’re an ignorant PC tool.

Anybody who follows Islam hates you, stop trying to integrate with Islamics, it’s retarded, fuck your PC bullshit, Islam is an evil religion.

The hilarious part of this is, no matter how many people tell you this, you prance around like a bunch of nancy boy faggots, trying to get through to you people is like trying to fuck through a hymen made of titanium.

Fuck Britain. Fuck you, you deserve this.

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