Women of the world: Shut… The… Fuck… Up…

Female propaganda is really starting to piss me off, only 4 weeks into my new relationship and I suddenly find myself realising why I spent 3 months being single. I hate women. Seriously, women bring it on themselves, they deserve to be hated, just for perpetuating a system which instills a feeling that it’s “ok” to be open about your feelings.

Women want too fucking much, they want you to tell them shit about how you feel, and say “oh tell me how you feel, we don’t make assumptions.”

Actually, yes, you do you fucking stupid bitch, all you ever do is assume you’re fat, ugly, stupid, and that we hate you, and know what, we fucking do hate you, you are fat, and you’re certainly fucking stupid. Go cry on myspace and cut yourself you self-absorbed baby oven.

A couple of days ago I came home from the gym, I told my girlfriend how it was, because I like to involve her in my day, and hell, if I’m talking, it means she isn’t, which is always a fucking plus, because women can’t tell stories and pretty much everything and anything they say is pointless, retarded, or annoying. Anyway, following my going through a small portion of my day, she comes off with some snide crap like:
“Being able to make me laugh is so much more important than how much you can bench-press.” No it’s not, shut the fuck up. I can bench press one hundred donkeys seven hundred times, bitch, this fact is far more important to me than my ability to make you laugh. I can make you laugh I just don’t want to because your laugh sounds like the result of somebody rubbing a cheese grater up a castrato’s colon.

Anyway, after this comment, I was fairly certain it was that time of the month, well, in honesty, it was that comment combined with the fact that she just wouldn’t shut the fuck up about inane shit that I need to do about the house, that funnily enough didn’t need doing a day ago, or any day previous to that.

What is it about feeling that anything they say or do during period  cannot be held against them?

You know what guys, don’t buy into that bullshit, everything she does and says can and should be held against her, want to know why? For the simple reason, that while she may feel bad for a couple of days you need to fucking hear about it for the duration of it, AND for weeks after.

It’s a fucking period.
Deal with it.

Real men have them too; I like to call it the “man period” it consists of the space of time during which we need to hear about your period.

We also have a far worse period that you can ever have, it’s called the “ultimate mind-fuck, man period”, it’s basically that part in your life, where you give childbirth (after 3 years of begging us to give up our lives and have a child with you) then we need to hear about it for the fucking rest of our lives.

To top this bullshit off, I invited a few friends round the following day. Well, much to my surprise it seems that women don’t believe believe that having them over while you and your friends play video games is counted as “quality time.”

You know what I say to that? Fuck her! If she wants me to go shopping with her and offer advice on things that I possess no knowledge on (i.e., clothes) and go on hundreds of other inane, dire tasks with her, like seeing her ancient grandmother who watches every episode of night-rider from start to finish when we come round, then she can spend a couple hours on the fucking couch while we sit and play “Blood, Fuck, Stab, Kill 3 – The Fatality of Mutilation.”

What is all this bullshit about how they can admit their wrong and that men should be able to do the same?

First off, they can’t ever admit they’re wrong.
Secondly, men are never wrong, ever.

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